My internet identity……………..

The scariest thing about the digital world, I believe, as a parent and a teacher, is who has access to the information? It is too easy for people to be able to connect with your children and too easy for children to be able to access social media accounts just through changing their age or security settings not being established. How do we ensure that our children are always safe in the digital world and are not sharing too much about themselves?

Digital identity (Digital Milieu, 2015)

A multimodal world is upon us and technology continues to grow and develop. It is clear how important it is that educators carefully think about the importance of guiding and supporting children to develop their literacy skills which can then enable them to successfully seek, assess, sift and use information that they find on the internet (Makin, Diaz, McLachlan, 2007). As teachers we need to ensure that the children are accessing materials safely and appropriately.

Teaching children about their digital stamp and digital identity, can help to keep them safe and for them to think about what they are putting on the internet for people to be able to have access to. Working with the children to set up the security setting for their blogs, Edmodo accounts etc. and explaining to them the importance of not signing up to sites such as Instagram until they are of the correct age, provides them with the information they need to make the right choices and hopefully the safe choices. The more you read and hear about children on the internet the scarier it becomes…..What does the internet say about you?

As a teacher it is important not to overlook the basics of technology, we can’t assume that all children know how to use it or understand it but it is our role to ensure we teach it to protect them in the future (Howell, 2012).

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