Digital fluency

It is hard to believe the amount of changes that have occurred within the digital technology space since I was at school. I remember when overhead projectors were used and the teachers placed everything on a transparency sheet, now students have smart boards and iPads as basic resources in their classrooms. How the digital world has changed over time……..

Developing digital fluency in a classroom with students would be challenging and exciting for many of us particularly as the students that we would be teaching have grown up in the world of digital change.  Jennifer Howell (2012) discusses in her book how some students would be more fluent in digital technology than others due to their exposure in the home. As a teacher this is something that would need to be considered when introducing any learning through digital resources, how do we best support all of the children?

Providing students with the opportunity to explore technologies freely supports them to become ‘technology innovators” (Howell, 2012). As an upcoming teacher reading the information about what children in year 4 would have as basic knowledge makes me realise brushing up on my skills are important too. Research has identified that students in a classroom where technology is used, perform higher than those in a classroom without technology (White, 2013).This really highlights the importance of technology.

For a lot of children, they have had the exposure in the early years to technology, basic as it may seem, it is now the task of the primary year teacher to incorporate this into effective learning while building on prior skills (Howell, 2012). After all, this is the way of the future, basic skills are the foundation for new skills. How do we support families to be involved with technology as well?



Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT; Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. South Melbourne, Vic. Oxford.

White, G. (2013). Digital fluency : skills necessary for learning in the digital age. Melbourne, Vic. ACER.


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